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3 hours collapse into less than 2 minutes as a movie audience files into its seats, watches "Bowling for Columbine" and proceeds to completely dismantle the theater.



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Shot in a local movie theater in the sleepy town of Bremen, Germany, the video documents a crowd that seems to have gone berserk. After patiently watching Michael Moore’s documentary on the nature of violence in the United States – here shown only as close-up snippets of the German subtitles – the crowd soon goes into a fever pitch as the credits roll. They operate in a controlled frenzy, methodically but frantically unbolting and carrying away the very seats they have just used.

The sound of whirling ratchets and cranking wrenches blends with the rising den of the crowd, which echoes toward an eerie near silence. Eventually the accelerated actions of the crowd leave the theater empty -- a void in the wake of the sentiment that spilled from the screen into reality.


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