secret history

Our Lady of Palermo


a film by Brian Doyle,
2011, 4:38 min., super 8
transferred to video

The latest in The Secret History's line of "The Films That Never Were",
Brian Doyle's debut music video stars lead singer Lisa Ronson and the director's niece as wayward
souls fleeing into an icy landscape. Dreams of a foreboding man lurk between bursts of sun that recollect
simpler times in a far away summer. Featuring Kurt Brondo on accordian and Michael Grace Jr. as the Man.

Video Cast/Credits

Story/Director/Camera/Editor: Brian Doyle
Producer: Sue Doyle
Starring: Lisa Ronson and Brian Doyle's niece
Featuring: Kurt Brondo and Michael Grace Jr.
Production support: Gil Abad and JB Hardy
Set photography: JB Hardy
Graphics: Laura Kunkel

Song Credits

Words & Music by Michael Grace Jr.
Strings arranged by Grace Jr. & Kurt Brondo.
From the LP "The World That Never Was" Le Grand Magistery © 2010

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