Notable screenings of Doyle's videos
"Launch" is now in rotation on this cable channel in France and Germany.
"Launch" in Tribeca Film Festival's filmguide. Film stills, film trailer, screening times, locations, info on the director, and print and press contacts.

Doyle's web projects, Celebration (from the Yestermorrow project),
  web project for Flecker Gallery
, Brian Doyle Shoots Celebration, web project collaboration with novelist, Current (preview version) in an online exhibition of artist's films, presented by Red Leader Industries
suitcAse magazine, volume I, issue II, "Amusement", online magazine featuring Yestermorrow video and photographs from   Celebration - click on "Launch Magazine (Flash 8 Required)", then "Index", then "Brian Doyle" - site no longer active

Interviews with the artist
  A video director's biography of Brian Doyle speaking about the making of "Launch".
  Shot by documentary filmmaker Daniel Leeb with footage by Mic Knight for the Tribeca Film Festival.

  Reel New York. "Experimental Directions" in Season 9, aired July 8, 2004,
  10PM and July 13, 2004, 12:30AM, WNET New York, Channel Thirteen, PBS

Sites to know about

  Joel Beaman's and David Miller's moving camera and resulting visual records
  Daniel Leeb - documentary filmmaker

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