Current (Reprise)

"Current (Reprise)" marks a return to a work that finds itself curiously outside of time. In late 2000, Brian Doyle shot the work "Current" in downtown New York during a ticker tape parade for the Yankees following their defeat of the Mets. A parade was certain and it provided the perfect opportunity to explore hidden narratives within the event. The video thus documents a storm of information taking over a desolate city. A happenstance fire enshrouded the debris in smoke and implied the destruction of the city, uncannily just in front of the World Trade Center.

In the Reprise, Doyle documents the first ticker tape parade since the first one he videoed, some 8 years ago. It is also the first parade since September 11th, 2001. Shot following the surprise Giants 2008 Super bowl win, Doyle used super 8 film versus the video of eight years ago. "Current (Reprise)" again exposes a storm of information this time using a new lens in a new climate. By recording the area now dominated by the missing Trade Center with older super 8 film, the Reprise seems to echo past the first "Current". While alluding to the strange time warp that occurred within the first document, it seems to have been made somehow before its predecessor. It quietly resonates into the past and future with equal measure.

Euopean Premiere at the Kassel Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest, 2011 in Germany. Screening at 11:15am on Nov. 10, in
the Kurzfilm-Programm: Großes BALi (KulturBahnhof) in the group titled "Aus dem Ort gefallen" (Fallen Out of Place).
Full program here.

Midwest Premiere at Chicago Underground Film Festival. June 2-9, 2011. Screening in Theater 1 at the
Gene Siskel Film Center in "The Smithsonian Institute Blues (Or the Big Dig)" on June 4th at 2pm.

New York Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, 2011. Screening in "Impressions of Memory",
Apr. 21 7:30pm; Apr. 24 10:30pm; Apr. 27 11:30am (press & industry only); Apr. 29 2:30pm,
and May 1st 11am. All screenings at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas, 260 West 23rd St.,
except May 1st at Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick St.

Festival World Premiere at Sarasota Film Festival, 2011.
Screening Apr. 12 at 8PM and Apr. 13 at 3:15PM.

"Current (Reprise)": the Accumulation" a video/photo installation
featuring this film was on display at 303 Gallery from
Aug. 19 - Sept. 3, 2010 in "Closed for Installation"
303 Group staff show: Past and Present.
More info here.

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Current Reprise still
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