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“Between the Currents” in Artnet auction

The 2 channel video installation and the single channel video of "Between the Currents" are now avaialble as part of The Peekskill Project V's Artnet auction.

The offerings from this auction give collectors a unique and early opportunity to own works by these extraordinarily talented artists, to help support them as they move forward in their careers, since 85% of the sale price will go directly to the artist.

Artists include: Mia Brownell, Brian Doyle, Chantel Foretich, Hanna von Goeler, Mike Kenney, Virginia Lavado, Lisa Lebofsky, Ryan Lemke, Julie Anne Mann, Andrew Piedilato, Elisa Pritzker, Daniel Roberts, Willie Wayne Smith, Jonathan Stanish, Ian Swanson, and Joey Varas.

These artworks were shown as part of PEEKSKILL PROJECT V, an intiative of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA). Read more...

Between the Currents install

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