Production notes



Launch was filmed with the generous cooperation of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center. Shot in 2005 while hurricane Ophelia lingered off the Florida coast, the wildlife found throughout the space center and in the adjacent Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge came to extraordinary life. The film documents the 2005 launch of space shuttle Discovery, STS-114,
our anxiously awaited return to space following the Columbia disaster of 2003.

Several compelling contemporary issues lend context to Launch: the many recent large-scale natural disasters that have shaken the world; the ever-increasing human impact and manipulation of the weather; and our varied ambitions for space and conquest. The film imagines the day when humankind must face the overwhelming force of nature and attempt to escape it. It is a meditation on the end of an era and the beginning of a drastically different and unpredictable future.

super 8 transferred
to video, 24 min.
color, stereo


Director/Camera/Editor/Sound: Brian Doyle
Producer: Sue Butler
Original Music: Kurt Brondo, Tianna Kennedy, Chad Laird, Hannah Marcus, Jeffery McCord
Production Assistance: Scott Corley, John Schneider, Mic Knight
additional camera: Mic Knight
Graphics Support: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Editing Assistance: Ry Russo-Young

Launch film still
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