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“Current (Reprise): the Accumulation” in 303 staff show / OPENING THIS THURSDAY 5:00-7:30PM

My new video installation based off my latest film "Current (Reprise)" will be showing this month at 303 Gallery. Come on out to the opening this Thursday, Aug. 19th, 5-7:30pm!

Here's the artwork info on my piece:

Brian Doyle
"Current (Reprise): the Accumulation"
KRIST'L archive lightjet print and video projection on paper
TRT: 7 min. loop, color, stereo
74"h x 48"w x approx. 120"
ed. 1/4

Current (Reprise): the Accumulation installation

"Current (Reprise): the Accumulation" is a photo and video installation comprised of Doyle's latest film "Current (Reprise)", a kind of sequel and mirror-like coda to Doyle's 2000 video "Current". The film "Current (Reprise)" is projected onto a thick piece of paper, hung from the ceiling and shredded at the bottom like the tons of ticker tape debris depicted in the film. This paper projection screen is hung back to back with a photograph "the Accumulation", similarly shredded and likewise showing a heap of debris clogging the gutter of a road. As the film jumps from scene to scene showing the graceful steams and bits of paper, the shredded ends of the projection screen and photograph dance in the currents of air in the room.

Current (Reprise): the Accumulation photograph

"Current (Reprise)" returns to Lower Manhattan during a 2008 ticker tape parade, the first since the destruction of the World Trade Center some seven years prior. The previous parade, in 2000, was captured by Doyle’s video “Current”, which tells the story of a vacated downtown caught in a storm of communication. As devices of technology hovering in the enclaves between skyscrapers seem to monitor or perhaps even propel the storm, the city is consumed, erased by a blanket of information.

"Current (Reprise)" mirrors the action of “Current” to show the life cycle of an area defined by the continuum of boom and bust. Super 8 film replaces Hi-8 video to create an archival look at the future. "Current (Reprise)" seems to echo past the first film, as if it were made before "Current".

This loop of time and place opens on a smoldering city and is quickly taken up by a torrent of bits and bursts of digital noise dominating an urban landscape of skyscrapers, radio towers, helicopters and television transmitters. Reams of paper alternately explode, slice, and float through the air. The physical manifestation of our highly charged digital atmosphere hangs in the trees, gathers on window sills and drapes across billboards.

As the wind dies down and the debris moves to street level, we see piles of spent human communications like tumbleweeds through the eerily unpopulated spaces. The camera finds the empty lot of the former World Trade Center framed by stalled construction cranes.  Returning to its beginning scene, the film ends quietly like ellipses at the end of a page.

more info here

Current (Reprise): the Accumulation projection

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